A PARTNERSHIP ON WHEELS already have your Paratransit

Today it became official that the aid received on Wheels Association, by the Council of Cedeira and most of Obra Social "La Caixa", for the commissioning of the adapted transport with the celebration of an act in which were present the mayor, Pablo Gil Moreda; the director of Caixa Bank in the town, Raul Polo, and the president of the entity Malena Pérez Villar.

The Council of Cedeira collaborated with about 4.700 euros for the purchase and installation of the lift platform, while the bank contributed to the amount of 12.000 euros to buy the vehicle.

Moreda Pablo Gil reiterated the commitment that exists in the government team with people with reduced mobility, a position that comes materialize with the execution of works that simplify the day to day who have this kind of problem. The removal of architectural barriers in the streets, squares and public schools is to be one of the priorities of the local executive within the present mandate. The mayor also wanted to thank the work that both the association as part of the volunteers who help on Wheels is being carried out to try to standardize as much as possible the lives of the people were in wheelchairs or have special needs.

Raul Polo thanked those responsible for On Wheels his work on behalf of those people with mobility problems and stressed that "it is a great satisfaction for all colleagues Caixa Bank in Cedeira able to support the association to improve the service it provides to its users".

By last, Malena Pérez Villar recalled that without the help of the Council of the bank and the entity could not provide the service, which is carrying out an average of 100 travel month. Perez Villar thanked the gesture of generosity that both the Obra Social "La Caixa" as the Council had to users of the association. "It is an eternal debt", said.