The government Cedeira to step out of the criticisms of the PP speaks of security measures and problems in access to court pumptrack, ensuring that you are working on several alternatives to ensure the safety of users of the facility, "A performance for us will be the highest priority in its implementation take effect when the new budget".

For that reason, municipal officials say do not be willing to "PP Cedeira we come to give any lesson and talk of the importance of safety when, in his last term (year 2013) the government of Luis Rubido built the skate park Madalena without protective measures in case of falls and careless or indicated in the draft ". This confirms vén, according to the executive, "Irresponsibility at its front of the municipal corporation, to jeopardize the safety of children who play there ". The measures contained in the draft detailing the need to install 40 linear meters of balcony, a meter high and the amount of 4.852 euros, to avoid possible falls nas three ramps laterais. That element does not come to settle.

They also highlight the government from Cedeira "to have little memory that those responsible for the PP in the file when local skateboard park there is also an unfavorable report from the Comptroller County, all nonsense processing in accordance with law and more a reflection of the dark times of the mayor Luis Rubido ", secure.

On this issue do report, the local executive stresses that the bill that does not consist intervention prior to adjudication by the mayor or the governing board or there are three budgets mentioned in running bases. Nor is accredited availability of land, xa it is missing or favorable report Costas, and there is also a difference of almost economic 10.000 euros initially planned import (20.015,69 euros) to finally executed, which amounted to 10.663 euros and was conducted in two phases. The latter data indicate vén, according to the executive cedeirense, they were removed the items dedicated to ensuring the safety of users, "In this case of the smallest".

All these facts reveal once again how "has been working the government of Luis Rubido, with a total lack of transparency in management and most of the procurement files and, like this, breach of the technical reports and sacrificing the safety of children”