Arises in the club Cedeira Cedeira Street Basketball, an initiative with Isaac Taracido Navy, as president of the organization, wants to make the basketball, as already happens with badminton, rowing or swimming, a discipline referral cedeirense sport.

The official presentation of the club will take place next Wednesday (12th) at 19.30, on the occasion of a friendly match between Ferrol Baxi (former University) and the Club Polideportivo Bembridge. Attendance is free.

Ademais a entidade traballa para darse a coñecer noutros ámbitos. E así o está a facer, cunha nota enviada a través da Anpa Picapeixe do colexio Nicolás del Río, na que se informa aos pais e nais de que o baloncesto se incorporará ao programa de actividades extraescolares. Trátase dunha iniciativa pensada para nenos e nenas con idades comprendidas entre os catro e seis anos. A intención do club é comezar a impartir a actividade a partir do próximo mes de outubro. Os interesados xa poden anotarse no CEIP.

Also by that time is expected to put into operation the basketball school, open to participation by all people who wish to make contact with this sport discipline, whatever your age. The municipal sports center will host this initiative and will also be the reference for residents who wish to join.

Isaac Taracido Navy considered likely that the youth team now in training, which are participating boys aged 14 and 18, can pick up the official competition from the 2019-2020 season with a shirt in which predominate colors blue and yellow.

There are more than eight years that basketball was no longer present in the sporting life of Cedeira, which had been since 1990 the hand of the CBC (CB Cedeira), so that from the municipal government is to applaud the initiative and is to give their full cooperation to the people who try to carry it out.