Last Monday, 6 of August, at about eight in the evening, the collective ARCE members (Association for the protection of rivers Cedeira), among which was the Councilor for the Environment, walking along the banks of the river from the bridge of the ACEA, upstream – what, certainly it is cleaning again and posibilitando your disfrute – suddenly detected that water transparent and crystal seal stopped to acquire a brownish hue than suspicious. Following the trail sinus reached where it ends the emissary of the wastewater treatment plant spewing a huge flow, moi higher than usual, of a brownish liquid, with abundant escuma and a foul smell that all ringworm to pint levar suspension stools.

They did a video and photos, called the local police who had to faith, and this Viaqua and contacted the company that manages the, dependent Waters of Galicia. more than 12 continued hours after the discharge of thousands of gallons that ended inevitably in the beach, in the month of August and full of swimmers. Since the council contacted midmorning with Aguas de Galicia that excusou saying that an episode had been timely and that the sound was detected sludge. Even being so, the local government does not seem an appropriate choice, What's up, undoubtedly, by taking them to an authorized manager.

But as point must be this incident because non or Tuesday, just one day after , a person fully identified and has no objection to know who is publicly, sent them a video that has been put on social networks corresponding to the past 26 July, ace 12 hours. Identical to or earlier, case a replica. And in the council received no communication either.

We demand Waters of Galicia transparent information, responsive and truthful, to inform the public. Public health and the medio ambiente son innegociables values.