A WEEK AS CHILDREN ANNOUNCES THAT festivities will start next Friday

Employers parties, Cedeira who is living among the day 10 e 17 this month, have as a preview Week Children who start next Monday and that until Thursday (day 9) will stage the square as Roxa, Starting at 10.30 hours.

The first day will be devoted to athletics, so the children will have to pass tests of speed, resistance, relief, javelin and weight.

The next day, Tuesday 7, participants must demonstrate their skills in competitions such as the shooting of the rope and "chair". They are called "games Grandparents".

The humor will come to the Children's Week celebration with the Mercola racing bags, egg and spoon. In the afternoon, The sports center will host the final games of futsal competition, promoted by the City, which this year reaches its fifth edition thirtieth. The first matches will start at 18.00 hours.

Thursday, day 9, activity move to Madalena beach with the celebration of the traditional contest of sand castles.