The local government is already working with the Animal Welfare Association of Cedeira (ABAC), an entity that accompany today in his public presentation, which will take place in Room anchor at eight pm.

The municipal officials recognize that a grouping of these features was missing in the municipality, so value their presence in the town to try to prevent abuse from even the abandonment of animals, also promote activities and projects to "reduce the uncontrolled proliferation of cat colonies, decrease neighbor conflicts and improve the quality of life of animals ".

So also confirmed the organization's president, Luis Hernandez Cubero, said that the realization of courses, workshops and leisure activities related to pets, the implementation of the method CES (capture, and loose estelización) to control the feline colonies and the project "without January Cedeira", including conducting a census of animals to subsequently act on each of them.

A Association, which was legalized same this week, also lead an awareness campaign and public awareness in order to inculcate an attitude of respect and responsibility towards animals and, according to the Council, establish a protocol for the abandoned dogs have a second chance before indulging in a protective shelter or. The organization also promotes the adoption of cats sociable and care of those living on the streets trying to them shelter and performing sterilization campaigns and health control of the same.

The responsible entity invite residents to attend the presentation of ABAC with their pets.