This Wednesday 18 of April, ace 19:30 h. we will have a presentation of the work "Teixido, San Andres away, myths and rites », by Johan Torres, recently deceased, which was never published in his lifetime of its author. Paradoxically, earned in 1972 to win the prize of Ethnography Federico Maciñeira, the Provincial Government that comes to editing this publication.

We will be attended by some representative of the editorial Engaiolarte and Vice President of the Provincial Council Goretti Sanmartin who said that the writer is “a reference not its commitment to language and literature, especially for women and many writers” libro and that 'it nail implement', equipping photographs of Julius Xilpara it "a work of art '. Torres maintained his creative enthusiasm until the last days of his life and also own edition of this volume, Teixido was argued that “the only universal myth galician”