The Cadastral Information Point County Cedeira office is authorized by the General Directorate of Land Registry where citizens can access information cadastral.

Hall. No Real Street 15, semisoto

Wednesday 9:00 to 14:00 by appointment

981 480 000 (extension 2. Contact Person: Javier Zunzunegui)

The services available at the point of cadastral information are:

  • General information and particular properties.
  • Advice on obligations to the Cadastre.
  • Notification procedures in attendance register.
  • Free consultation service and certification of public cadastral data and digital mapping.
  • Consultation service and electronic certification for cadastral holders of protected cadastral data, relating to properties of ownership.
  • Service Clearance Certificate of property or circumstance not appear as cadastral holder, relating to the applicant.

The Cadastral Information Points can only certify the cadastral holders or who they authorize.

CAN NOT so sure in case of deceased or people who do not appear in the database as cadastral holders. In that case should go to management whenever the Cadastre.

Street Comandante Fontanes, 7. low C.P 15071 – A Coruña

Winter schedule: Monday to Thursday: the 9.00h a 17.30h. Friday: from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..
See schedule ( 16 / June 15 / set) Monday to Friday: from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..

981 16 13 72

The procedures for requesting information on the penalty cadastral information are:

  • 1. Authorization representative if necessary

    The request to submit the request for information is available at the following link:

    SEE PDF Authorization form to name a representative to the request for information

  • 2. An appointment not point Catrastral Information

    To make an appointment no point cadastral information, The Council offers a telephone contact:

    981 480 000 (extension 2. Contact Person: Javier Zunzunegui)

  • 3. Payment gives autoliquidación

    The certificates issued by the point of cadastral information are subject to the tax ordinance No. 2.1 regulating the fee for issuing administrative documents from 10 €. You can consult your full text of the link below:

    SEE PDF ordinance regulating the fee for issuing administrative documents

    The payment of this self-assessment can be made in person at the time of submitting the application (only with card), or one of the following banks:

    BBVA: ES70 0182 0622 4100 0000 0055

    The box: ES37 2100 4936 5822 0000 4470

    Abanca: ES15 2080 5196 2931 1000 0027

    Banco Pastor: ES57 0238 8151 9006 6000 0271

    Banco Sabadell Gallego: ES57 0081 2238 4100 0100 0705

    The text of the receipt of income from self-assessment should include the following information:

    Cadastral Information Point + (DNI of the applicant)