To perform burning in the municipality of Cedeira, these must be notified officially for approval.

The application can be done through 012 or via the Internet through the following link of the Ministry of Rural and Sea.

There are two types of burns, and depending on the type, that will make the request for authorization with a different term advance:

  • Debris piled:
    • Burning debris piled agricultural
      • The request for authorization will be made with a minimum of two days
    • Burning forest waste piled
      • The permit application will be presented with a minimum of seven days
  • controlled burn:
    • For its realization must rely on the presence of personnel authorized for the management of burning equipment and firefighting
      • The request for authorization to burn presented with a minimum of seven days

You can see below, The document published by the Board on the recommendations when making burning.

In the following link you can check the daily index of risk of forest fire, one of the conditions of the temporary bans burnings

Go to link risk of forest fire