To the north of the Atlantic Ocean swell hits with its high cliffs earth cedeiresa. The same can be said so far as the western flank, only that it is here where the estuary of Cedeira, fringed beaches and low back. In various desayuan estuary and streams that, in their last sections, run at the bottom of valleys which gives rise to a complicated relief. De Norte a Sur, feed on the tops of the Sierra Eixil, facing the ocean and ending in Punta Candieira. since she, taking the course towards the East would see the highest penalties arise that speak, cedeiresas last foothills of the Sierra Capelada, linde not co municipality of Honey reaches you 620 m. altitude (Monte Herbeira) and so it is thought to be the highest coast of Atlantic Europe. Summits that amesetados, as we get closer to the South of the municipality, give way to other subsystems mountainous, which allow the existence of the minimum valleys precisely that man has chosen to establish their dwelling there.

cedeira2Limits the municipality cedeirense east, Body of Cariño and Ortigueira, and so these shares with the Serra da Capelada. to the South, body Cerdido and Valdoviño, whose limit is the river Mestas: most mighty corners lead to the estuary Cedeira.