CEDEIRA residents demanded ONTE "A decent pension"

Several hundred people walked the streets yesterday to demand Cedeira "a decent pension". The neighborhood was responding to the call promoted by the Association for the Elderly of the town which was seconded by the government team. The protest led also to read a manifesto by the president of the entity, Juana Cheda, to say that "we refuse to accept that we want to condemn poverty after a lifetime working" feel indignant and ensure the same extent by the rise of a Pyrrhic 0,25% as the letter from the Ministry to announce this increase. "They spent more on sending the letters in the rise of pensions", said.

The president of the organization also stressed that "we believe in the public but who is ruled by encouraging more private plans to enrich banks and even large companies that for ensuring the quality of life of retired and pensioners of this country". Cheda also made reference to the fact that pensioners charge until Gallegos 15 points less than the rest of the state and claimed that "everyone should be citizens first, if we work we must have a wage that allows us to live with dignity and are pensioners have a pension equally worthy ".