The scientific director of the Geopark of the Basque coast from today visit the main geological features of the seven municipalities that comprise the Geopark Ortegal. Your Board of Management expects to leverage the expertise of distinguished visitor to the challenge you have ahead: the design of the strategic plan and the actions to be carried out before opting to evaluation by the UNESCO.

The purpose of the visit of Asier Hilario, second point from the City of San Sadurniño, on the one hand is to get useful recommendations for the design and Ortegal, otherwise, get guidance on the guidelines that must collect the Plan director of geopark, whose writing will be required soon.

Accompanied by staff of technical and political Provincial Government and municipalities, tour the coastal towns today -Valdoviño, Cedeira, Cariño and Ortigueira- and tomorrow will be like Forgoselo, the mines of Cerdido and Moeche, and will meet with the mayors of the application drivers in San Sadurniño.

The visits will focus on the geological value of the area and its tourism potential that, necessarily, should be associated to the development strategy of the geopark. UNESCO awarded the distinction "Global Geopark" depending on investments and actions will have to be verified by the organization dependent on the United Nations.


Source: The voice of Galicia

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