Encouraging the creation of new projects, encourage business activity and contribute to job creation are the three pillars of the aid that the municipal council of Cedeira convened this year for the first time under the program called "Cedeira undertakes".

They can take part in the call for new business projects undertaken under this location by individual businessmen or through small and medium enterprises, regardless of their legal form, which had begun its activity since the 1 January of the year 2016.

The deadline to process the day ends 20 this month. Undisclosed amounts to starting 20.000 euros and the maximum amount for assistance shall 2.000 euros. Beneficiary may be any person or legal entity with a new business venture, whether autonomous or autonomous individual integrated into civil society, trade, labor society or community of goods.

Among other requirements -the bases can already be consulted in municipal offices- it needs to be in the town census list at the start of the activity, being unemployed, have the business or business project within the municipality CEDEIRA, present a viable technology initiative, economically and financially, keep abreast of tax obligations and the Council have granted all relevant licenses for the development of the activity.

The grants are refundable and are thought to make against rental fees, light, water, trash, sanitation and telephony events in the year 2016.

The instruction of the procedure to conduct an Evaluation Committee chaired by the mayor, Pablo Gil Moreda, and which also take part as members of the Councilor for Culture, Tourism and Urbanism, María Xosé Rodríguez, a technician and municipal agent jobs and developing local County. The proposed decision will be made known within a period of one month from the end of the period for submitting applications. Payment of the grant be made by a single payment.

The mayor stressed that this is an initiative that promotes entrepreneurship and fosters job creation. He explained that the fact lay the foundation in November only obeys the government's interest in increasing the convening power of aid, since the period opened in August would be out of all those projects implemented during the second half of the year.