The Council of Cedeira has signed an agreement with the Galician Agency for Cultural Industries (Agadic), which will have a duration of six months and will result in a total of eleven different activities at the Municipal Auditorium. The agreement is quantified in more than 18.000 euros, between the municipal and the contribution that corresponds to the dependent agency of the Government of Galicia.

The planned program for the first six months started last day 20 January performance with the group Elefante Elegante and will continue on Saturday with the play "Born Free", in charge of the company Contraproducións SL, Starting at 20.00 hours. This is a text Candido Pazos played by actresses Rocío González, Casilda Alfaro, Monica Camaño, In Susana, "A sight to think and enjoy, excited and have fun ".

Before the end of this month also go through the stage of the cultural center of the company Baobab Theater, coa work "Pum Pum". It will either day 24, at seven pm.

Three aces for March are not included activities agreement. Arrincarán or day 10, ace 20.00 hours, coa work "A Happets" by Matrioskas, and continue to 12.30 hours a day 13 with the show "raining" Baby -theatre- Group Titereficciós, to finish the day in 24 the company Culturactiva, that represent the piece "The fence", from the seven pm.

The programming of the month in April will have as its starting point the staging of the play "Goldi free" by the group Chevere. It will either day 7, at eight o'clock, no municipal auditorium. or Tuesday 24 will come the turn of the pisco with his Concerto Singular, Starting at 19.00 hours. O day 25 cultural activities will move to IES Punta Candieira with dance work- theater "Olivia needs to see", the author is Ánxela White. This event will begin at 12.30 hours.

The programming will come to your last days the hand of the company The Bakery, that the day of 5 May will stage the theatrical show "Elisa and Marcela", and group work with Redrum Producciones "A girl who wanted to grow", which will act or day 6 of June. Both activities will start at eight and will take place at the Municipal Auditorium. The price of tickets will be 2,5 euros.