The City Council wants Cedeira be an open council, close to the day to day all the neighbors and also modern and effective.

The government team of Cedeira works with passion and perseverance to improve the welfare of our community and for social progress, cultural and economic development of our county. I am sure we all want the same. The social and economic institutions, the neighborhood ... Together we can continue building a more supportive city council, more enterprising, more equal and greater quality of life.

Cedeira has today, despite the difficult economic climate that runs through our society, the ability to grow and become a small town to make the reconciliation of economic progress and welfare to its quality brand, its identity as county . We want an open Cedeira, livable and humane, where people are the most important.

Moreover, the government team Presiding not forget that the attention and closeness to the citizens and the humility and commitment at work it behooves us to be the pillars of our committed policy ahead of the City Council.

From here I command my most cordial greetings.

Pablo Diego Moreda Gil
Mayor of Cedeira

Contact co mayor
Calle Real, 15
15350 Cedeira
Phone: 981 48 00 00
Fax: 981 48 25 06