JUANA CHEDA, Nebril HELL AND HELL ARE AS LEONARDO PREOGOEIRAS the parties that kicks off Friday

Only missing two days for the official start of the celebrations of Cedeira, celebrations that will last for a week in a room in the village there are already strong presence of visitors, according to point from the City Council.

The starting point will be this Friday, reading the proclamation that this year will be in charge ched Juana Josefa Josefa Nebril and Leonardo, three leaders of the Association of the Elderly Cedeira. The organization represents the interests of the largest Cedeira, has 70 members and it is based on the second floor of the municipal auditorium.

The event is scheduled for at 20:00. The public will occupy the City Hall Square and the three women speak from the balcony of the Town Hall in which will be accompanied by the responsible local executive.

During his speech, the women try to revive the collective memory of cedeirenses remembering the rich heritage that gave rise to the current Cedeira, full of possibilities and features both a social and not economic, and continuous progress. Juana Josefa ched as Nebril Josefa Leonardo and initiate a dialogue between them, with a lot of sarcasm, to create a fun environment as the start of festivities.

Then the group Troula Animation star first parades and the Merchants Association of the Old Town which organizes the concert, starting at 23:00 hours, will take place in the square and the Ladybug will be borne by the New Plan musical training.