Magic, theater, music and graffiti are the cultural events that match this weekend in the town of Cedeira.

The program will begin on Friday 12 with the show "Around the 313 municipalities in Galicia" the Magician Anton. There will be a total of six passes of magic at 12:00, 13:00, 17:00, 18:00 19:00 and 20:00 hours of 45 minutes each. The square Purple will be the reference for those who wish to discover the corners of illusion.

That same day, but at eight o'clock, the Municipal Auditorium will host the staging of the play "The colors of time" by the local group of the Village Theater. This activity reflects the cycle amateur theater organized by the same formation that will represent.

During the day of October will sábado13 music and graffiti in the street Convento (11.00) thanks to Álvaro Muras and January Eguia, who bring to the town its "Funkegraffiti" through the Cultural Network of the Provincial Council. January Eguia is the author of a drawing of urban art that will occupy one of the wall of a building located between this street and avenue in the Area.

The activities continue with the celebration of the contest scarecrows in the square organized by the Floreal AVV Pine and with the performances of the Czars, Dr. Robert Ardecasas and promoted by the Cultural Association 's Discalz under the initiative leading to the name "Park Lane Floreal".