• 2 June, 2018
  • 8:00 pm
  • Municipal auditorium

A girl is tired of being the center of jeers of his colleagues, and so flees the school with the intention of not returning anymore. In his adventure with the bump Xeadeiro, a magical being and vital, that the basis of tales, riddles, games and songs, devolveralle to lost self-esteem. Will teach that within each of us lies a magical being, unique and special, and that only believing in our abilities we will be able to achieve all that we propose.

A girl who wanted to browse is a project aimed at families, mainly children between six and sweet years. Nel treat a subject that concerns and anxiety in equal parts, and sadly every bit monopolizes the front pages of all newspapers. This topic is bullying, also known with the Anglo-Saxon term "bullying". Several studies claim that more than one 30% of students of different cycles of education have suffered some type of harassment, and between 5% it's the 10% bullying suffered severe psychological consequences for victims. They are undoubtedly very worrying figures.

This is a social problem which should not turn your back and that's all we are all responsible. We need time to detect the correct actions to become an executioner boy and another victim. Thanks to the theater, and thanks to its power educator, we can work to lessen these numbers.

family groups from 5 years (5-12)

Entry: 2,5€

ace 20:00h