• 16 June, 2018
  • 5:00 pm

Municipal palace

12:00 – Talks on the proposal for potato galician: general characteristics and main arguments for use.

Anchor Room - Creative Space

17:00 – Workshop corner alentexano Celina da Piedade.

Municipal auditorium

22:30 – Concertos

Couple Coffee

Brazilian residents en Portugal, Luanda Cozetti (voice) and Norton Daiello (low) surprise us with a lively repertoire that mixes rhythms and melodies ranging from bossa nova to rock, pasando pola popular music of Zeca Afonso.


Considered one of the great figures of Galician music, will offer their particular vision of renewing tradition, mixing with warm alalás, fado and Brazilian rhythms, making travel the roads on which the eContent Atlantic cultures galician-Portuguese.

Free entrance

Both the reserve entrance at concerts as participation in the workshop corner Alentejo Celina da Piedade may be made from 5 June the following channels:
email enrique.vazquez@cedeira.es
WhatsApp 673223414
attendance Tourist Office Cedeira (Municipal palace)

The / participants in the workshop of Alentejo corner of Celina da Piedade which will take place on Saturday 16 ace 17:00 h. Anchor in the room will have to have completed at least the 14 years and the list of topics at the workshop will be:

“Orange China”
“Green pear”
“beautiful Combine harvester”
“Aurora has a boy”
“I want to go to the Altinho”