• 24 March, 2018
  • 7:00 pm
  • Municipal auditorium

The Valo speaks of the meeting of two worlds, two realities, two consciousnesses incarnated in two different characters well: The tin soldier and Sahara, the desert rose. A meeting to both sides of a border that not only separates civilization vacuum, but opens a wound in the heart of humanity.

In front of the pathetic and clumsy thought the tin soldier, obeying orders from his superiors from blind faith in what you always said you had to do, opposes sensitivity Sahara, a girl who flees the war and received many sticks in life because few things can stop it. The strength and dignity of this refugee girl will reflect the public in contrast to the soldier, whose heart is torn between obedience, you can even lead to death in the name of homeland, and brotherhood that drives him to break all the fences.

family groups from 5 years (5-12)

Entry: 2,5€