The Council of Cedeira organizes the parade of Carnival 2018 Saturday 10 February 2018. To encourage participation summons a year over the traditional costume contest according to the following rules:

    FIRST. To participate and eligible for prizes is essential to cover the registration application and submit it in the County Register (schedule of 9:00 h. a 14:00 h.), until the day 9 February 2018 (time limit - 14:00 h.). A person acting as a representative is to sign the participation form and must accompany photocopy of your DNI / NIE / Passport. The / representative to assume all the responsibilities of the beneficiary / a prize, including tax obligations. Relying on crony group or a legal person registration will be done through the electronic office of the county covering a general request and specifying therein the category in which it competes, as well as an attached document authorizing representation to the person who presents the request.

    MONDAY. modalities:
    -Comparsa: Consider a set of cronies people consist of a minimum of 9 a component representing the same reason.
    -Groups: Consider a set of groups of people between 3 e 8 (both included) a component representing the same reason.
    – couples
    – individual
    The troupes and groups may optionally supported presented a mobile (car, platform…). The maximum height will be 3 meters.
    The same person may not participate in more than one category

    THIRD. Establishes the following awards:
    troupes: 1º: 600 € – 2º: 400 € – 3º: 300 €
    groups: 1º: 300 € – 2º: 250 € – 3º: 200 €
    couples: 1º: 40 € – 2º: 30 € – 3º: 20 €
    individual: 1º: 30 € – 2º: 20 € – 3º: 15 €

    QUARTER. The classification of the different modalities will be determined by the competition jury. The jury will be appointed by the Council of Cedeira and will be comprised of municipal representatives, for cultural institutions and social or other persons of recognized ability .

    QUINTA. During the development of the parade, The jury will evaluate:
    Category Troupes and Groups
    – Clothing and makeup 0 a 4 points
    – Handmade work and the use of waste materials 0 a 4 points
    – originality 0 a 3 points
    – Mobile accompanying the troupe 0 a 4 points
    – Choreography and music 0 a 3 points
    – Sympathy (involve the public) 0 a 5 points
    Category couples and single:
    – Originality clothing 0 a 4 points
    – Handmade work and the use of waste materials 0 a 4 points
    – Makeup 0 a 3 points
    – Sympathy (involve the public) 0 a 5 points

    sexta. The groups and participants must be presented in the old bus station to 17:00 h. Day 10 February and carry out the route marked by the organization finished in the square Purple. In the event of not being able to become the parade weather issues, the / participants will go directly to the sports center where it will become a parade inside the same. The groups that may want to do some acting or dancing to the arrival plaza Purple. this activity, must communicate at registration, considering that must deliver the music in mp3 format, an external memory, Friday 9 . Those groups that do not communicate this performance, or having communicated the same music not delivered on time, may not use the equipment to enable the acoustic event.

    EIGHTH. The order of departure in the parade will be assigned by the organization, attending to issues such as lead music playing in the float or have anticipated making stop dancing ...

    NINTH. The delivery of diplomas of the prizes will take place, once finished the parade and performances of the various participants, the Purple Square (or sports) after evaluation by the Jury. The information on the awarding of prizes will be published on the website of the county.

    TENTH. The / as winners / must request the payment of the same, by Bank transfer, no registration County Cedeira, by the following procedure: must request the collection of the prize in the register of the council, a general request, and provide a certificate of an account number which appears as holder of the same person a participant incribiu, group, Parella or individual.

    ELEVENTH. The present awards carry retention as income tax, resulting from the application according to the rules contained in the regulations of the tax.

    TWELFTH. The jury's decision is final. The jury of the competition will have to resolve any situation not contemplated in the rules.

    THIRTEENTH. Participation in the Costume Contest implies the total and complete acceptance of these rules.


    A Coruña County Council want through this call, generate reflection and awareness in youth by encouraging their participation in creative activity awareness, by editing a script, dedicated to promoting general awareness, overall, of the reasons why we must join our efforts to combat gender violence.

    Participants : Participation all individuals aged 12 e 18 years, enrolled in compulsory secondary education, bachelor, vocational training or other similar training, which are presented individually or preferably in group (maximum 6 participants per group), monitored and supervised by teaching staff of the center to the public of studies that ascribes, pertencetes the province of A Coruña, and supported by the Center.

    Each participant may submit only one original and unpublished script, not previously awarded.

    There may participate Persian winners in previous editions.

    Format: edited the script taking into account the following criteria:

    • Identifying with a title
    • Redactarase with courier format, single spacing, left-aligned with scenes and numbering of pages. Maximum 4 pages of script (scheduled for a production of approximately 3 or 4 minutes).
    • It must contain at least, the following parts; header scene, Description / action, character, dialogue ( from the case), annotation or parenthesis, transitions, and plans.
    • Present on paper and in digital. The printed script may not be signed with the name, a single reference will be or title. The language will be used galician, and added a gender perspective.

    Deadline: the deadline for admissions script opens the day after publication, these rules not give BOP 9 November and closes at 30 calendar days 11 December.

    Presentation of the work: the script will be delivered in paper or digital (CD,DVD, lapis memory, etc) a sealed envelope; abroad indicated Competition IV scripts against domestic violence 2017 and a title identifier of the script.

    Within that go on:

    1. The script on paper and digital (CD, DVD, lapis memory, etc) identified co title.
    2. A sealed envelope with the title abroad, and inside the sheet acceptance of commitments and authorization of personal data with the data required.

    Bases : https://www.dicoruna.es/servizos-sociais/area-igualdade/premios/


    Deadline: 27 October 2017.


    THEME FOR SHORT: Everything related Samaín: legends, ghost stories, appeared, pumpkins ...

    MAXIMUM LENGTH OF SHORT: they 5 minutes (we recommend between 1 a 3 minutes)

    FORMAT: MP4, MOV or other standard video formats.

    AWARDS ANPA kingfisher: Na vouchers to spend stationery La Paz Cedeira.

    first Prize 50 €

    Second prize 30 €

    third prize 20 €.

    The awards on Wednesday faráse 1 of the November 19.00 h. afternoon at Municipal Auditorium Cedeira, which will project the winning short.

    Valoraráse or script, interpretation and originality of the short.

    DELIVERY DATE: Until Friday 27 of October 2017



    The short will have a title and identification at the end, in the credits, author names, contact phone or email.

  • III Painting Contest FAST FREE AIR Cedeira

    Data celebration: 27 August 2017.

    The style and technique will be free, its theme will revolve around the landscape, and the physical space that should be performed in the environment covering the promenade, Praia da Magdalena, Paseo Navy, River area Condomiñas, Area of ​​Long Street and the Port of Cedeira. The execution will be direct, on the subject or the natural model.

    1º. – 600€ and diploma

    2º. – 400€ and diploma

    3º. – 300€ and diploma

    Download the bases III Painting Contest quick free air Cedeira


    Deadline for submission of 26 June to 21 July 2017

    Theme "Cedeira and the sea"

    1St prize - 600 €

    2St prize - 300 €

    3St prize - € 100

    Download the contest of photography "Objective Cedeira"



    Since Coruña County Council wants through this call, generate awareness and reflection on youth, since they are a vehicle transmission and engine of change and the future, in addition to promoting their participation in creative activity awareness by editing a script, dedicated to promoting general awareness, overall, of the reasons why we must join our efforts to combat gender violence.

    Participation all individuals aged 12 e 18 years, enrolled in compulsory secondary education, bachelor, vocational training or other similar training.

    BOP: nº 210 do 7 November 2016

    Go to link the BOP contest

    DOWNLOAD the contest


  • Photo contest "OBJECTIVE CEDEIRA"

    The theme will be the municipality of Cedeira: architecture, gardens, montes, beaches, festivals and unique places like San Andrés de Teixido, Garita Herbeira, San Antonio's Corveiro and others related to the municipality. The deadline for submitting entries will be open 16 May the 15 June 2016.

    The cash prizes will be:

    first Prize: 600 euros
    Second prize: 300 euros
    third Prize: 100 euros
    The two runners 50 euros to the best local works (Residents in Cedeira)

    To know all the information about the competition, may refer to the following link bases:

    DOWNLOAD WORD bases I photography contest “target Cedeira




    1ª PARTICIPANTS: May participate in the games nothing any individual year 2.000 or earlier.

    2th THEMATIC: The games consist of the following tests:

    Vertical cucaña (individual)

    Careers bags (mixed teams- 3 people)

    He takes the flag (mixed teams- 3 people)

    Career egg and culler (mixed teams- 3 people)

    Game cloth (mixed teams- 3 people)

    Taken rope (mixed teams- 5 people)

    3th TESTS: Tests will be conducted according to the rules of the game and the directions of the organization's Council. The tests may be suspended if the weather or any other cause survival is considered dangerous to continue with its celebration.

    4ª PLACE: Magdalena Cedeira beach, Saturday 13 August 2016, ace 17:30 hours.

    5ª REGISTRATION: Participants can register from a (1) hour before the start of the test, walk Beach.

    A person acting as a representative of the team will be to sign the participation form. The representative will assume all responsibilities / s recipient / s Award, including tax obligations.

    6ª PAYOUT: 150 euros per test and equipment.

    Notification of winners will take place the same day of celebration of the games.

    The / s awarded / s should apply the same payment, from Thursday 18 of August, economic services in the municipality of Cedeira.

    8ª pay premiums: Prizes will be paid by bank transfer certificate providing bank account in the name awarded, or the person acting as authorized representative in the inscription for equipment (Your legal representative, in your case), and contributing your DNI, and where appropriate carry retention as income tax resulting from the application according to the rules contained in the regulations of the tax.

    9ACCEPTANCE th DAS BASES: Participation in this competition implies acceptance of all and each of these bases, as well as the decision of the organization.

    Any incident relating to tests, and that is not foreseen in these bases, will be subject to the discretion of the organization and its decision will be respected by the participants necessarily.

    The organization is not responsible for unforeseen accidents, injuries, etc, and calls for good judgment and responsibility of each to avoid them.

    The organization is authorized to conduct and publish as many photographs deemed appropriate.

    DOWNLOAD WORD Bases popular games 2016