WAYS OF THE FLOORING, Avenues and streets

A total of seven operations in many other communication channels are those that they began a few days ago in Cedeira and will be completed within eight weeks.

They are a set of projects contracted by the Council for 98.570,06 -the euros bidding price was 118.544.87 euros- and that will be executados Lancer pola company Proyectos y Obras SA. Will be over 4.700 sqm, as a whole, new companies in hiking, streets and avenues of municipal ownership. The Concello assume the entire investment.

The ways in which they carry out improvements or are Corbeiro, Chronic and Lamelas. The first performance will involve the extension of a layer of macadam 15 centimeters, the application of a treatment in a semi-deep and shallow watering and another seal across the surface. No way linked to the neighborhood called Chronicles of the project will lead to a new pipeline stretch storm, ao do milling firm in 10 cm and a new layer of asphalt mix hot 5 centimeters thick. As for the way Lamelas, that has a
length 160 meters, to perform the project will affect both margins of the road and aims to prepare two spaces next to homes. There will also be installed and ditches steps to save them.

The avenues of Spain and the GAIA Area summer also improved their current conditions, in which its pavement refers, with actions between the two will add more 2.400 square meters of new asphalt paths. A) Yes, the avenue of Spain intervention will be carried out in the section between the intersection with the street Pontes and the end of the road and the work will consist of milling the pavement and a watering emulsion asphalt on a surface 630 m2 . No case of Gaias Area, the work will lead to the removal of the old pavement, tie a thickness of five centimeters, and the installation of a layer of asphalt mix
Hot on an area of 1.800 sqm. The purpose of this section is the intervention that is between the avenue Manon and the connection road DP-2204.

Regueiro The street also will benefit from this investment with running a municipal project to emilinar accumulations of water that are located on two sections of this roadway. The problem will disappear with the amendment of the ground at the intersection with the street and Salinas with the installation of a sewer up to the intersection with Paseo de Madalena.

Also surrounding the promenade, more specifically in the way of access to the local port, The Council envisages the replacement of the existing cluster paths in the garden and allow the pedestrian walk by the sea. This last statement is based irrigation primer layer chipboard more than five centimeters. In all planned interventions also contemplates the adaptation of caps to new records flush infrastructure already dealt.