If you want to request an appointment with the municipal departments, follow the links:

  • Quote urbanism

    To make an appointment with the city planning department, can do so through the following channels of communication:

    calling the 981 480000 (extension 2)


    Sending e-mail to correo@cedeira.es Pointing in the subject "Appointment department urbanism"

  • Quote from social services

    To request a quote, You can go to the offices of the department of social services, or phone:

    Socio-cultural center, Rúa do Convento s/n – 3º Ándar


    Open to the public: Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 14.00


    981 492 179

  • Quote co Alcalde

    To make an appointment with the Mayor, You can make your request filling in the form available at the following link:

    Go to link Talk to Mayor