The Council of Cedeira launched a new channel of communication with neighbors, "Cedeira Inform", an agile tool, quickly and at no cost to receive information about new, agenda and public services through the application WhatsApp.


For register interested parties should follow these steps:

  1. Save on your contact list or number 604 024266 named "Cedeira Inform".
  2. Send WhatsApp to contact "Cedeira Report" with the text "High Council of Information Cedeira".

User then sent to a message confirming their high, and thereafter begin to receive information about new, activities, Cultural programming and other municipal information.

For unsubscribe the User must send a WhatsApp to contact "Cedeira Report" with the text "Download information". Since that time, User or longer receive information.


The information sent to users from Monday to Sunday, from 10 h a 20 h. Should be an emergency information, emergency or special interest, will be sent in due course.

The information does not communicate through the creation of one or several contact groups, pole so, aqueles que se deran de alta no servizo non coñecerán nin verán a través das comunicacións recibidas información sobre o resto dos usuarios do servizo.

The dissemination of information to the users of this service is done under the ownership of the Council of Cedeira, who is the owner of the service. Through this channel only receive messages sent by the Council.


promptly, The Council can send a message to solicit the views of users of the service in order to improve.

Sending messages to inappropriate or repeated contact the Council by any User will mean immediate automatic low by the administrator of the service.

The User to trying to notify any change in the data provided, especially not when changing Mobile Phone Number, affecting electronic communication reception das requested.

Sending the message to another cellular County means acceptance of conditions and rules of use of the service and WhatsApp (You can consult the rules of use of WhatsApp on the link below):

Go to link information using WhatsApp