CEDEIRA create an interpretation center STONE CASTLE IN TAIWAN'S CONCEPTION

One of the rooms of the castle of the Conception become interpretive center of the beautiful stone found in the excavation of the site of the Campo Castro, Or at the tip of Sarridal. It is one of the activities planned by the City of Cedeira within the project of remodeling of the fortress, endowed with 40.000 euros in the municipal budget this year. "We want to make a valuation and combine them with the environment, since it is not under the fort ", explains the Councilor for Culture, a nationalist María Xosé Rodríguez, archeologist by profession. "Or castle has three rooms, the average, in the exhibition, stay the same, related to the propia fortress, reforming sure panels and other items -detalla-; and the other two rooms, one dedicated to the Celtic culture in general and the other does not focus monument oven Sarridal, making a small interpretive center gives beautiful stone, importance given to ten, since it is the fifth found in Galicia ".

Exhibition pieces castro

The works of conditioning of the castle Conception implemented next fall, progresses according to Vice Mayor. Once you complete the reform, The Council will request authorization to the Directorate General of Heritage, which funded the first two phases of the excavation of Castro Field, to exhibit strength in the parts found at the site. "They are charging the castle of San Antón, Corunna, and when we have finished the work, the idea is to be able mostralas here », point. In early polls, the team led by archaeologist Emilio Ramil locate Celtic ceramics and sigillata (fine ceramics) Romanian. The municipal responsable Culture bet by 'connect the visit to the castle [erixido the mid-eighteenth century], only the punch Primeiro de Maio received more than two hundred people, the site ». Stresses the interest of the whole, an extraordinary landscape, as a reference of cultural tourism of the municipality and the region Cedeira.

Source: The voice of Galicia

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