CEDEIRA completes its offer for tourist trekking routes GUIDED

The program will start on Tuesday 17 and will run until the end of August.

Cedeira Council completes its tourist offer with the organization of two guided hiking trails. They are called Treasures of scripts and Santo André Teixido. outputs, which will start next Tuesday, day 17 July, will be every Tuesday and Thursday until end August.

With regard to the route of Treasures will lead to a hike of about 10 kilometers whose goal will be the lighthouse and its surroundings Robaleira. The estimated duration is three hours and output will be on Tuesday at 9.00 office hours to Tourism, located in number 18 Avenue Castelao.

As the second of the proposals, also will begin at 9.00 hours but, in this case, the first kilometers will be done in private vehicles, to the church of Régoa, point a walk which will cover a distance of 16 kilometers. The duration will be five hours and will take place on Thursdays.

Interested persons can already make a reservation place in the tourist office (phone 981482 187). The number of participants is limited, only be admitted within the first twenty applicants, and participation is free. A organization established as a footwear material needed monte, walking stick, water, fruit and waterproof. The difficulty is low, so are activities in which they can also take part children.

Face to this month, the outputs will be the day 17, 19, 24, 26 e 31, while in August will carry out day 2,7,9,21,23, 28 e 30.