shieldAs stated in a manuscript of the Conde de Lemos XVI century, Sir Lancelot Lake, the greatest of the knights of King Arthur, would have landed on the pier of Cedeira from fleeing Britain and the love he professed by Queen Geneva. A manuscript in the village reveals through a huge ceramic mural located next to the Town Hall and who co-chaired this a nice little square which features a huge centennial Laranxo.stone

Legend or not, strolling through the historic center of Cedeira would not be difficult to imagine noble cabaleiro.E is that the court of the old town and was drawn up in the Middle Ages without, to today, modified if the original itineraries. What at first was the core of the village is set based on narrow and steep streets, with small apartments with most galleries and wooden balconies and forging. On their facades still look noble stone shields that identify their former residents. Families like Andrade, Montenegro, Pardo… From that time also preserved some characteristic stone arches in the property at the time and that, subsequent reforms, concealed or destroyed. And once those years also the recumbent statue of Alonso Piñeyro, accompanied by blazoned front, you can visit the parish church dedicated to Our Lady of the Sea.

cruzDetermined to get lost in these narrow streets we can find the remains of primeval defensive wall surrounding the historic center and which is accessed through four doors or portals. Today, the entrance to this room full of history has to be done through the old bridge, a historic monument in itself built on three stone arches saving the river Condomiñas. The same which contains the silhouettes of a number of the buildings erected on its right bank. Cun buildings special charm that emanates, especially, its beautiful glass galleries. Viewpoints privileged to estuary. They accompany us walk in the bridge linking the old and new, and allow us to, thanks to cafes and catering businesses that welcome their low, enjoy pleasant conversations with the estuary as a backdrop. During the day and, especially, summer nights.

Arrived new bridge will, Here we start a new stage on the way. In this case, enjoy the beautiful gardens overlooking the main beach, a da Magdalena. We will reach the old Casa del Mar and greet Woman Mariñeira or Peixeira. Dende a stunning penalty serves as a pedestal lle, indicate with your finger stony path of the pier. Come first to the old fish market, epicenter another day selling fish arrived at the pier. Bordering the beach port of Long Area to enjoy the sight of hundreds of small boats they expect to sailor. I spied the Castle of the Conception and imagine the thousands of nights lookout, battles fought as no seu environment, the secrets of their rooms. E, as endpoint, the fishing port. Or smell of saltpeter. Large vessels. The rolls and their frenetic activity with constant discharge and accelerated auction. A real spectacle.