aerea.sonreirasEach proposal, Cedeira opens a world of possibilities. Also in terms of its beaches. Although bathed by the same sea, each and every one of them very different. With different options, for different audiences. With calm waters and fine sand beaches in more urban landscapes and spectacular coves in the most distanced from the center. Among them all, Locations, size and influx, the beach of the Magdalena is the main. Located in the very heart of the village, borders their town center. Extends over about two kilometers and registers a high occupancy throughout the summer. Its white sand and thin lost in wooded dune area that delineate. Its waters are calm and perfect for the bathroom of the smallest of the house, as well as a water sports.

At the other end of the village, under pier, where anchor vessels, is the Arealonga, also with high occupancy in summer. Although its dimensions are reduced, worth approaching Miseñora, nail to the nose small inlet leg ubicada, allowing all contemplate the entrance to the estuary. In another unique place, at first sight and inaccessible wild, we found the beach of smile. In the vicinity of the old cetareas, is close to the pier and to the Castle of the Conception. The major attraction: clear water and spectacular scenery. The catalog of Cedeira beaches complete with Cerdeiras and Bubbles, Small coves ideal for the lovers of tranquility, since it does not sound too many visitors register.