The corporation Cedeira has approved the reversal of the old bus station that provides municipal government become a youth center.

The municipal government appreciates significantly to achieving a target "for which has been working for some time" and highlights specially the fact recover a property that once was ceded to the Xunta de Galicia and now again become the property municipal with a clear public purpose and social ".

The local executive likewise points to the importance of recovering a property that was in a state of neglect, as well as the savings it represents for the municipal coffers have a property whose assessed value is 175.742,40 euros and the building is above the 131.000 euros. The surface is constructed 334 sqm. It also indicates the location of the old bus station, located near the IES Punta Candieira, and is considered very advantageous for the interests of the City Council have only public use dotacional.

The planned works will transform the old facilities intended for transit passengers in some rooms designed to encourage local youth meeting. The Council works with a budget estimated 25.000 euros to recover the property and plans to maintain the space environment as the station point of bus stop.
No ano1995, the corporation decided to transfer free to the Xunta de Galicia a land of 1.575 square meters for the construction of a bus station, provided that the regional administration execute the work within five months and his fate were planned during the, pole less, a thirty-year period. Breach of any of these two conditions would return the property donated to the City, as reflected in notarial deed.

April not do 2017, Local government realized that there was a clear failure by the Board -a concession for the operation of the bus station ended in December 2016 without which had been subject to new award- so the local executive made the decision to start the process of reversing the land and the heritage building built in it to the City Council.

Through a mayor of Providence (19.04.2017), supported by un police report and included notarial minutes, the executive cedeirense defends his stance that finally also recognizes the general secretariat and technical heritage of the Department of Finance when in March this year "authorizes the delivery reversal to the council of Cedeira a property in street sports with all their belongings and accessions".