A SQUARE MARIETA host an exhibition on nutrition, OBESITY

The space formerly occupied by a sample that encouraged the responsible consumption is the same in what is now another on nutrition, obesity and health, also organized by the Department of Environment.

The former workshop of Tourism, located in Marietta Square, Starting this week hosts an exhibition in which through 12 blades and the corresponding comments addressed this issue, "A veritable plague of the century, from adolescence or pregnancy binds, breastfeeding and going through the stages of infant and preschool ", according to the councilor responsible for this area, Camilo Casal.

In the sample discussed the urgent need to prevent one in three children / I have been overweight or obese, with very negative consequences that will have when adult, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, arterial hypertension, among other possible diseases. Also made emphasis on how to avoid bad habits, in cooking techniques and food rations each recommended for different ages.

Given the interest that has shown to the whole population of Cedeira, from the Department of Environment are encouraged to visit the neighborhood in the coming days. Will be open one month.